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My name is Tim Hopkins and I’ve been working with the Oracle Database for just over 14 years now. I have an almost obsessive interest in performance, concurrency, consistency,┬áscalability, reliability, predictability and many other abilities.

This blog had floundered for a few years but I’m making a renewed commitment to publish some brand new content as soon as I can!




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    Michael Janos September 3, 2012

    Tim how are you going. I haven’t had a look at PLSQL code 5 years now, it’s all SQL-Server and SQLite now a days. Although I still think Transact-SQL sucks compared to PLSQL.

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      Tim September 5, 2012

      Michael, hey! It’s been a long time! It’s also a long time since I left Sydney – it’s just gone 8 years I think. Still loving London.

      I’m an Oracle (Core and Exadata) performance consultant these days. Not doing a lot of hands-on coding – I’m acting as a design authority and performance specialist for a large Exadata-based accounting system at the moment. It’s interesting and challenging, all the usual fun.

      Are you back working full-time now? I’d heard you’d gone for a sea change and set up a business fixing PCs near home. Is that still the plan or did you get bored? :)

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